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GOA 2011

This is going to be fun considering im a little drunk and posting here would mean a risk of a lifetime 🙂

So recently I was in Goa which is by far meant to be the best party destination in INDIA. I was disappointed to an extent just because the behavior of my people embarrassed me a bit.

I met a couple who were fighting (over I don’t even know what), but it looked like she wanted to be with that bloke and he was certainly not interested. As usual I was on a holiday and uncountable beers down. Intersecting that fight would be something I would have never attempted to do in my senses but I did. It was an English couple and she told me to “go away” multiple times however as I was in a good mood and I had patience 😉

This is what I got out of them in the end which became the cover of my Album GOA 2011.

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